Individuals like you and I have been seeking the benefits of massage for the past 5,000 years of human history. Healers in Ancient India incorporated massage therapies into their algorithm for ultimate wellbeing. The Ancient Chinese practiced massage for stress relief, healing, and balancing the spirit. Our ancestors in Ancient Egypt, Japan, Greece and Rome also stressed and regularly pursued that which arises from a good massage. 

Massage is a gift to the body, on account of all the consequent benefits. Being massaged relaxes muscular tension, and facilitates proper physical alignment. This enhances everyday dynamic functions and posture. A massage produces relaxation in the mind and body. Ergo, relieving stress, which is known to be an enemy to our bodies and aesthetics. 

Massages happen to be a form of passive exercise. This yields improvement of flexibility and in many cases, a reduction of pain. The Oxford Nurses’ Dictionary claims it improves circulation, reduces muscle spasms, and can help improve a person’s mobility.

There is a written history that tells us stories of the peoples and benefits from which modern massage has evolved. Luckily, these practices have culminated here and now, so that Ascend Spa can offer a melange of various perfected massage techniques. Every body and mind can benefit from an expert’s massage session. Hence, massage is a gift. Perhaps the most perfect gift for both oneself and another.