Spring Cleaning at Ascend Spa

If a wellness practice has been occurring for hundreds of years, we can verify that it works.

This week we want to talk to you about candling your ears. Yup.

Hand-in-hand with the true spirit of New York, we know that every culture has their own methodology for acheiving peak wellness. Ear candling is an ancient therapy that has been used for centuries to heal and purify oneself through the ear canal. Clearing out these essential passages helps in releasing earwax, buildup, and debris from the ear canal. Designed to stimulate the peripheral lymph system, ear candling uses fire and the natural vacuum the cone creates to clear out toxins and promote wellness. The heat spreads over the acupressure points in and around the ear, which naturally extend throughout the body.

At Ascend, we pride ourselves on understanding and integrating the influences of our global brothers and sisters into a truly unique experience for you to enjoy. We encourage you to free yourself from yucky blockage and welcome in the changing season with clear canals and minimal toxins.


Ascend Spa