30 min $60 – 1 hour $110 – 90 min $165

Choose from any of our traditional massages to achieve your desired results. Customized for targeted pain relief, muscle soreness, breaking down adhesions (knots), restoring Range of motion, athletic preparation and restoration, injury prevention and recuperation, energy imbalances and improvement of blood and lymph circulation.


This classical form of massage uses long flowing strokes to increase blood and lymph circulation, relax tense muscles, lower blood pressure and stimulates sensory nerve receptors in skin.  Swedish massage is the ideal massage for the ultimate stress reduction


Using points on the face, ears, scalp, shoulders and chest this relaxing modality aids in the relief of stress associated with migraines, TMJ, tension headaches and upper body stress.


Based on the concept that by manipulating specific nerve endpoints in the hands and feet to activate corresponding areas of the body this modality is perfect for people with body sensitivities, senior citizens and foot or hand discomfort


Essential oils are used to provide a desired effect. Uses include stress relief, sinus decongestion, pain relief, joint stiffness, aid with sleeping disorders and envigoration. 


Using slow deep pressure strokes and ischemic compression this modality is perfect for targeted pain relief, reduction of chronic muscle tension, and trigger point release.


Therapeutically designed to relax muscles and increase circulation while decreasing the hypertonicity of muscles to allow for deeper penetration in areas of tension.


The ideal massage for athletes of all levels. Using a combination of deep tissue, compression, trigger point work and stretching  this modality is designed to increase blood and lymph circulation, milk metabolic waste and lactic acid as a result of exercise, increase flexibility and range of motion, prevent and aid in the healing of injuries to muscles and tendons, and decrease recovery time between workouts.


The treatment of an injury, condition or disease with the use of massage. Using a variety of techniques there are many medical conditions that massage can help with including frozen shoulder, Thoracic outlet syndrome, pseudo sciatica, certain forms of bursitis, whiplash, Parkinson, MS, asthma, golfers and tennis elbow, and Carpel tunnel syndrome.


Created for the specific needs of the Mother-to-be, this gentle massage is designed to relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, reduce neck and back pain, help with postural changes that occur throughout pregnancy,  and relieve edema leaving mom and baby in a total state of bliss. 


Our licensed professionals have learned techniques to assist both women and men alike in improving and maintaining healthy breast/chest tissue which can be done over clothing/towel or directly on the skin. The myriad benefits of this treatment include pain reduction in the shoulders & back and drainage of lymphatic fluid & metabolic waste. This treatment may be of particular interest to those who are recovering from breast cancer treatment, breast augmentation surgery and those who may be lactating/breastfeeding. A consultation is recommended before booking this treatment. 


75 min $165 – 100 min $200

Our Synergistic Luxury massage encapsulates what Ascend is all about and is Guaranteed to take you to that next level.  Combine any of our Specialty Massages to create your dream treatment and experience  the pinnacle of what massage is all about.  The Ascension massage comes with complementary Aromatherapy treatment and hot towels so you leave feeling fresh.  Perfect for Gifts, Dates, Anniversaries or just treating yourself to an incredible experience.


The Ascension massage comes with complementary Aromatherapy treatment and hot towels so you leave feeling fresh.  Perfect for Gifts, Dates, Anniversaries or just treating yourself to an incredible experience.Our Ascend Massage will now includes an enhancement


Combining assisted yoga postures, compression, rocking, deep stretching and body mindfulness to create a physical healing process  with all of the benefits of a sports massage.  This modality is performed on a mat on the floor and fully clothed.


Reserve Your Appointment Online

Reserve Your Appointment Online

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  • Our new Pedicure Chair is up and running just in time for sandal season!
  • Prom & Wedding Season is here! Perfect Party Prep = Teen Facial or Targeted Facial + Airbrush Tan! Afraid to be orange? Schedule a spray tan patch test today!
  • Ascend is proud to announce the arrival of two brand new state-of-the art HydraFacial machines complete with Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage & LED Light Therapy!
  • Introducing Glo Skin Beauty's Pressed Base Powder with SPF! Schedule your Color Match consultation today!
  • Gift with Purchase from Glo Skin Beauty: Free 1.8 fl oz Gentle Cream Cleanser with purchase of the Solar Shade SPF 50, perfect for sensitive skin!
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