Sunless Airbrush Tanning

Consistently voted “Best of the Best” by Allure Magazine, and the color of choice for the sets of Disney, Dreamworks, HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX Learn more!

Voted “Best of the Best” by Allure Magazine


Natural Airbrush Tan Application….$35

…with Full Body Pumice Scrub….$100

Spray Tanning Facts:

The South Seas® Spray Tan is evenly applied by a trained professional in less than five minutes

The South Seas® Spray Tan dries instantly, it is not sticky, and it will fade naturally

The active ingredient in all self-tanners is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and it is FDA approved

There have been no reported side effects from DHA, however if you have had an allergic reaction to ANY self-tanner, please abstain from spray tanning

Preparing for your South Seas® Spray Tan:

Any waxing should be done prior to your spray tan

Exfoliate with Bora Bora Body Polish

It is OK to wear lotion the day of your spray tan

Bring a dark swimsuit or undergarments and flip flops/sandals to your session (thongs acceptable)

As the cosmetic bronzer may rub off, it is recommended to wear dark clothing

Maintaining your South Seas® Spray Tan:

After your spray tan avoid showering, swimming or perspiring for eight hours

Use Bikini Island Body Wash while showering and apply Moorea Moisturizer after

Your spray tan will last one week to 10 days on your body; use Tahitian Tan Mist on your face, hands and feet as they will fade faster

Prolong your tan with Tahitian Tan Extender, especially if you’re in the water excessively

As DHA has been known to be drying, use South Pacific Sunrise Coffee Scrub or Island Escape Citrus Sugar Scrub to smooth and hydrate your skin



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